Germ Guard


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  • ONTACTLESS: Avoid touching the dirty grocery Shopping Cart handle with our patented shopping cart cover. Another layer of germ protection to add to the glove and mask use.

  • PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY: Germ Guard creates a Barrier preventing you from the exposure of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that can be present on the handles of the shopping cart. Let's help flatten the curve and prevent the spread of germs.

  • FACTS: According to researchers from the University of Arizona there are 136 thousand Bacteria per square inch on the handle of the shopping cart. Research states the handle has more germs than a public toilet seat.

  • CLEAN IT OR DUMP IT: Germ Guard is Dishwasher safe, washing machine safe or you can simply dump it after one use.  

  • ERGONOMIC: soft ergonomic cushion handle reduces the stress on the hands while placed on the handle of the grocery cart. Custom molded to wrap the handle on the shopping cart.  Made in the USA.

Germ Guard is the newest Personal Protection Equipment brought to you by dbest products, makers of the Trolley Dolly, Smart Cart, Gocart, the Cruiser Cart and Quik Cart. The Germ Guard is essential in preventing the spread of germs from the shopping cart handle. Guard your health, Guard your loved ones and Guard your community. Custom molded to fit all Grocery store shopping carts.

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