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The Bigger Trolley Dolly


  • Grocery shopping rolling cart with detachable weatherproof shopping bag.
  • Oversize beefy wheels can easily go over any terrain.
  • Frame is constructed from durable steel.
  • Contains seven pockets and compartments including a beverage holder and umbrella pocket.
  • Holds 150 lbs. and weighs less than 5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: L 14" x W 16" x H 40".

        About this item

        • Foldable cart : The Bigger Trolley Dolly is the picture-perfect foldable cart that balances lightweight capability with durability. Trolley Dolly folds in half for compact storage. Store it in the trunk of your car, under your bed, in your mudroom, and in the garage.
        • Beefy Wheels: A distinct feature in the Bigger Trolley Dolly is the oversized heavy duty Beefy Wheel that can take on various terrains. It can roll up in the sand it can go upstairs. It takes on broken and high curbs and sidewalks with ease.
        • Multi-functional Uses: Use it as a shopping cart, grocery cart, utility cart and overall exceptional cart on wheels with little to no assembly required.60% bigger than the standard Trolley Dolly.
        • Weatherproof material: The weatherproof material keeps contents dry from the rain snow and the other forces of nature. This easy rolling cart is great in aiding seniors on their trips to the market due to the soft ergonomic cushion handle which reduces the stress on the joints.
        • Multiple compartments/pockets: Contains 8 compartments, which include a beverage holder. Remove the bag and it becomes a lightweight dolly capable of carrying 150 lbs.

          The Bigger Trolley Dolly is a grocery shopping cart great to transport items around while on the go, downtown, or the business. It has a large comfortable cushion handle reducing the shock when it is being pulled. The oversize beefy wheels allow for smooth rolling on any surface, including uneven paths. It has a removable shopping bag which features seven compartments and pockets including beverage holder. Remove the shopping bag and the Trolley transforms into a Dolly for amazing weight capacity of 150 pounds. It is the ideal solution to move a wide variety of items with ease. The Bigger Trolley Dolly folds in half the size of traditional trolleys for compact storage anywhere when not in use. The Bigger Trolley Dolly is available in Red, Blue, Black and Brown plus more.



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