Richard EldenJun 8, '21

For over 15 years, Richard Elden has been creating products that solve everyday hassles. How can traveling business people carry so much stuff from place to place each day? How can families haul a weekend’s worth of goodies without breaking their backs hauling it around? These are the kinds of questions Elden wanted to solve, and with dbest products, he’s done just that.

dbest products’ motto is “life is tough, we make it easier”. Those who travel, have kids, commute on public transit, and many more can benefit from the kinds of powerful luggage Elden’s brand offers.

It all started with the Quik Cart, a collapsible cart that carries up to 80 pounds. This two-wheel cart features an expandable handle and heavy-duty collapsible design that falls down to just 4 inches, making it super-easy to store when not in use. The Quik Cart is ideal for everyday tasks like moving groceries, laundry, or office supplies.

The Quik Cart’s storage sibling, Smart Cart, is just a step above the Quik Cart with a flexible-but-strong body to match. Smart Cart weighs just 3 pounds, but can carry a solid 110 pounds. It is conveniently collapsible, ergonomically designed for greater ease of maneuvering and features a flexible waterproof exterior.

Elden and dbest products have a passion for designing products that make life simpler, and they just keep getting better at it. The company now features a Trolley Dolly, which is ideal for hauling supplies over more difficult terrain, including rough city streets and rugged rural landscapes. The Smart Backpack features a highly-convertible design that makes an ideal carrying pack, rolling backpack, duffle bag, and lightweight dolly. Coolers, GoCart’s and pet carts are also in the lineup.

dbest-products-cart-shark-tank 1

dbest products are easy to use, easy to store and easy to travel with. The idea is to make it simple for you to let go of handling many travel cases at once and narrow down packing for your next trip to just one – or two – carts.

In need of a gym bag as you prep your summer bod? Look no further than the Smart Backpack, which makes it effortless to carry your gear on your back, in hand, or on wheels. If you’re headed out for a weekend of camping or a trip to the beach, the Quik Cart is an great option that’s lightweight enough to carry on its own, but sturdy enough to carry all your necessities. Even everyday tasks like laundry and groceries can be made simpler with dbest products. Save your spine and roll your stuff with ease in one of dbest products’ trendy bags and carts.

This multi-faceted brand has so much to offer people who carry things. Whether it’s a diaper bag, a briefcase, athletic equipment … there are so many ways to take advantage of Richard Elden’s vision for what travel and luggage should look like. With many options available for less than $100, you’re certain to get your money’s worth after just a few uses. dbest products will surely continue to grow and make life easier for people everywhere.